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Same workout different state 🤟🏼💕⁣ Feels good to be back coaching at OTF with my new fam in NY @ Astor Place come by for a little extra “𝐩𝐮𝐬𝐡” soon! ⁣ • ⁣ See what I did there;)⁣ •⁣ #fitness  #NASM  #base  #Pace  #push  #allout  #otf  #crosstraining  #cool  #splats  #endurance  #strength  #power  #fun  #family  #crew  #endorphins  #goodVibes  #orlando  2 #NYC  #happiness  #love  #live  #run4it 

#throwbacklastweekend  ❗️ TALENT ➡️ ENTDECKT ➡️ GEFORDERT (mich heraus 😜 ) und ➡️ GEFÖRDERT ❗️ DANKE CHRISSI alias @onedonlong ! Ich durfte mich nicht nur mit meiner STIMME auf deinem musikalischen Debüt „LONGsPLAYER“ verewigen, sondern auch mit euch durch die Nacht tanzen zur IBIZA WHITE MOTION PARTY in der Alten Chemiefabrik (Danke 🙏 @nanny_chen ), mit all den vielen schönen Menschen. Wer DAS verpasst hat, hat sich richtig was entgehen lassen! Gott sei dank gibt es @deloquent_produktion und @youtube . FÜR ALLE, die nicht dabei waren, unseren Auftritt zum abdancen gibt es noch mal als Video 🎥 , den LINK gibt es über @onedonlong . Bilder: ©️ Alte Chemiefabrik und @deloquent_produktion #cottbus  #mein_cottbus  #cottbusundumgebung  #meincottbus  #cottbus_bilder  #region  #spreeneisse  #ibizawhitemotion  #ibizawhitemotionparty  #party  #live  #onstage  #debut  #long  #longsplayer  #vorhangaufbühnefrei  #hiphop  #rap  #talent  #singen  #leidenschaft  #passion  #mikrofon  #einfachmachen  #spaßandersache  #cottbusmeinestadt 

Today is a perfect day to check out a view like this ☀️! Check out this beautiful house in Kalama! 3 🛌 | 2.5 🛀 | 2,865 sqft 💫| $599,371 💰 !! Message me or call me at 360.904.9907 for more details ☎️! Click the link 👉🏼

“Outrage is a sure sign of a soul awake.” ~James Hillman. Yes! The whole world is in the midst of a radical transformation. Outrage is an appropriate response to the devastation occurring in the world. Let us rise up like the sun, every day, and stand for what is right, good, just and beautiful. Mother Nature doesn’t need saving, she needs protection. If we don’t protect her, she will kick our asses right off the planet. She doesn’t need us, we need her! #mothernature  #sunrise  #sunset  #outrage  #awakening  #naturephotography  #soul  #photographylover  #photooftheday  #instagood  #picoftheday  #motherearth  #beautiful  #travelphotography  #travelgram  #beach  #environment  #planet  #live  #lovelife  #wanderlust  #travelmore  #wakeup  #clouds  #ocean  #amazon  #nature 

"Adiós Goya" Fotografía con Smartphone SERIE #ATARDECERES  AUTOR: @ever.cta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #FOTO  #fotografía  #photo  #photograp  #Atardeceres  #alatardecer  #imagen  #postales  #ciudad  #ciudades  #retrato  #postal  #word  #week  #words  #like  #likeforlikes  #life  #live  #bus  #micro  #ventana  #smartphone  #puwblo  #vida  #calles  #Goya  #Corrientes  #Argentina 

The best thing in life are the options I have. I am blessed to have these options and thankful when I take advantage of them. My body isn't the most cooperative, I have foot drop on the left, I get tired easy and sometimes I beat myself up. For the most part, we stand in our own way... We are the ones to hold ourselves back and not accomplish everything we set out to do. Life is basically one big challenge and it's a matter of whether or not we are up to that challenge. Comfort zones are for ones who like to never get ahead in life. Stand on the edge and navigate your way down that difficult path. You be thankful, like me, in the end you did. • • • • • #iam1stphorm  #hiking  #1stphorm  #legionofboom  #1stphorm4life  #live  #mountain  #nextlevelshit  #neversettle  #hike  #mytransphormationstartstoday  #outdoors  #alps  #quotes  #lake  #quote  #happiness  #mountainlife  #peace  #trees  #world  #landscapes  #camping  #climbing  #wilderness  #Alberta  #trekking  #phamily  #enjoy  #summer 

Just in case you wanted it in colour #aneveningofqueen  @aneveningofqueen @hope_natalie • • • • • #concert  #band  #rock  #livemusic  #live  #guitar  #singer  #musician  #laugh  #bands  #guitarist  #drums  #rocknroll  #queen  #metal  #gig  #rockband  #musicians  #singer  #show  #musicphotography  #instamusic  #concertphotography  #goodtimes  #tribute  #freddymercury  #band  #recording  #stage  #live 

7 anni eravamo assieme, ubriachi e più troie che mai!!!! Oggi: tu sei diventata mamma, hai messo coscienza nel cervello e ti sei fatta una famiglia! Io ho appena finito di guardare le winx su Rai Yoyo 😂😂😂 Manchi veramente tanto sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am proud of you because you always make me feel better than I really am ❤️❤️❤️ • • • • • • 👫 #friend  #friends  #fun  #funny  #love  #instagood  #igers  #friendship  #party  #chill  #happy  #cute  #photooftheday  #live  #forever  #smile  #bff  #bf  #gf  #best  #bestfriend  #lovethem  #bestfriends  #goodfriends  #besties  #awesome  #memories  #goodtimes  #goodtime 

▌SD Live. ▌ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀→ #PredSDLive  ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀━━━━━━ ❖ ━━━━━━ ⠀⠀ 「 Segment Type 」› Via Satelite 「 Cast 」› Shayna Baszler ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀━━━━━━ ❖ ━━━━━━ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Ꮤ┆Brief Point; ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ New { Shayna baszler would be outside of japan just relaxing and standing in a wall as many wonder what she was doing there - Now she talks about how at summerslam she got beat but that doesnt bother her but what does is the fact that she decided to bring her sister into this nikki herself but she say she wants to make it clear as she says its brie . nikki those two vs shayna and someone of her choosing at endgame in a tag team steel cage

おはようございます。 『琥珀色の雨に濡れて』 の同窓会で西へ〜。 ジヨリホリデー。 😆😆😆 素敵な一日になります様に❣️ ①16時〜②19:30〜 『三ッ矢直生秋ライブ』 @蛙たち ゲスト純矢ちとせさん ピアノアニエス晶子さん お問い合せ[蛙たち] 03 3571 4417 (平日17時〜22:30) #live  #vocal  #vocalist #voce  #music  #musician  #musical  #chant  #chanteur  #takarazuka  #宝塚  #三ツ矢直生  #歌えば幸せ  #ohayo #純矢ちとせ  #夏の空 #琥珀 #花組 #皆様に会える #悪戯ばっかりしてた昔 #ぺいさん #なーちゃん #ひとさん #ジゴロ #ボーイ  #たかちゃん  #柴田先生  #ルイ #加美子さん 

🎬 تاآخر ببینید | گوشه از مراسم دیشب ‌. . 📽 فایل تصویری هیئت عاشقان حضرت زینب(سلام الله) . . 📆 سنبه مورخ ۲ شهریورماه۹۸ . . 🎶 شور محشرحسن جانه . . مداح : #کربلایی_مرتضی_خادمی  #کربلایی_میلاداکبری  . . . __________________________ . . ✔️ برای دسترسی به فایل های صوتی و تصویری و کلیپ کامل به کانال #هیئت ‌‌‌_عاشقان‌_حضرت‌_زینب مراجعه فرمائید . . . . #کربلایی_میلاداکبری  #هیئت_عاشقان_حضرت_زینب  #کربلا  #بین_الحرمین  #مشهد  #روضه  #شور  #هیئت  #حرم  #مازندران  #مدل  #مداحی  #آمل  #عکس  #استقلال  #مشهد  #پرسپولیس  #تهران  #امام_رضا  #مذهبی  #آزادی  #ایران  #تهران  #کاشان  #شور  #سلطان_شور  #god  #live  #lake  #instagram . . . __________________________ . . . @asheghanzeynab_video @milad_akbari118 @asheghan__zeynab @sheikh_reza_mahdavi

⚜️Позволь себе больше стиля 💃 🔝Для истинных ценителей безупречного качества 🔝 🔸По всем вопросам в Direct 📲 whatsapp 📲 🚀При покупке от 3-х вещей доставка бесплатно ❗️ 🗓Принимаем индивидуальные заказы ☝🏻 ————————————————— 🔸 любимые люксовые бандажные платья из премиум Бандажа супер утяжка ®️Размер S M L 💲💲Цена 3600₽ ————————————————— #инстамода  #fashon  #стиль  #брендоваяодежда  #стильнаяодежда  #стильная  #обувь  #лукдня  #стильныевещи  #sale  #photooftheday  #мода  #live  #мода2019  #likesforlikes  #like4like  #модаистиль  #ermari_shop_  #dom2  #buzova  #копиилюкс  #love  #shopping  #borodina  #instagood  #стильнаяодежда  #купальники  #брендылюкс  #20likes  #женскаяодежда  #новинкимоды2019 

Had a blast at our last show with many thanks to all of the great beings who came out to vibe with us along with the beautiful @SonicKaleidoscope crew and the talented @roXplosion for this epic shot 🚀🚀🚀

Notice all the beauty in life! 💗 The world we live in is amazing beyond description! Live and love everysingle day of this beautiful life we were given to it's absolute fullest! There is SO much worth living for! 🌠 #nofilterneede #nofilter  #pretty  #beauty  #beautiful  #gorgeous  #palmtree  #palmtrees  #view  #tropical  #summervibes  #endlesssummer  #summer  #paradise  #livelifetothefullest  #live  #love  #life  #sunset  #sunsets  #cali  #california  #positivevibes  #positivevibesonly  #goodvibes  #goodvibesonly  #photooftheday  #photography  #instaphotography  #instagood 

"kötü bir yalnızlık seni incitmesin diye avuçlarındaki hayat çizgisinden sessizce öptüm.” Şükrü Erbaş . . . . . . . . . . . . . #photography  #fotoğraf  #photooftheday  #kamp  #çadır  #traveler  #gezgin  #seyahat  #fernweh  #wanderlust  #nature  #doğa  #şiir  #view  #follow  #amazing  #awesome  #adventure  #Travelgram  #happiness  #lifestyle  #instagood  #instalike  #live  #şükrüerbaş  #şiir  #çanakkale  #bozcaada 

Hip-hop's good guy has a confession to make. Yes, Chance the Rapper — the church-going, gospel-inclined, typically chipper MC — has learned the hard way about being a better husband. On "We Go High," a key track from new LP The Big Day, Chance reveals fresh blemishes on his seemingly squeaky clean image. Over forlorn horn samples and high-pitched percussion that pops and clunks in grippingly distinctive fashion, Chicago's golden boy spits about transgressing and drifting far enough from his wife that she treats him like she's "celibate" before nimbly rhyming that word with the "elephant" haunting every room of their home. It's but one of the many fearlessly soul-bearing, sonically unique highlights on this 22-track LP. Chance spits unflinchingly vulnerable bars on "Do You Remember" and "5 Year Plan." He also balances the trouble-in-paradise revelations of "We Go High," with the martial bliss of "Found A Good One (Single No More)," making for a viscerally relatable narrative. Not merely one, but two indie rock gods grace "Do You Remember." Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard offers a reliably earnest and heart-wrenching chorus, while the alpha to his omega, Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) serves up distorted snippets of backup choir singing, like gusts of wind that'll send shivers up your spine. Megan Thee Stallion steals the show on the mellow "Handsome" with gleefully empowering lines like "Bad bitch with a lot of options / After me, it's really hard to top it." The guests offer a vast spectrum of sounds to The Big Day, ensuring its hour-plus runtime never bores. En Vogue's turn on "I Got You (Always and Forever)" brings '90s New Jack Swing back to life with an elegant vengeance, while the aforementioned "Do You Remember" would fit snugly on both any indie rock and hip-hop playlist. So yes, 22 tracks is a lot. But unlike other lengthy recent rap albums (*cough* Scorpion), The Big Day has enough ideas, sounds and flows to justify its vast breath. What's more: it finally gives us a glimpse at Chance's multitudes, letting us accompany him to the altar and the confessional, instead of restricting him to the pulpit.

The singer-songwriter’s debut LP, Freya Ridings, combines six previously released singles and six new offerings. Ridings showcases the fact that she’s written all 12 songs herself, collaborating along the way with in-demand producer Greg Kurstin (Maggie Rogers, Adele) and others. Ridings’ admirable creative control gives the album a cohesive tone and thematic scope, but it also permits stretches of repetition and the occasional cliché. Though she explores heartbreak and longing by probing surprisingly dark corners of her psyche, the album’s steadiness of vision renders the product of that exploration somewhat monochrome. Opener “Poison” greets the listener with a coy fake-out: Ridings begins with a delicate piano melody hinting at a somber, stripped-down track in the vein of “Lost Without You,” but after a suspended chord at the end of the first verse, the track exhales into a tantrum of thudding drums, anxious string bowing, and dramatic keyboard chords. In Ridings’ songs, love is torture, and crushing on someone is a form of noble suffering. Motifs of fire and blood run through her lyrics, conjuring a gothic atmosphere that draws the listener in but also starts to feel predictable. “Castles” and “Love Is Fire” create upbeat self-empowerment anthems out of this intensity, while “Blackout” and “Ultraviolet” find Ridings in her comfort zone, dwelling in romantic angst at the piano. Although Freya Ridings suggests room for growth, it also hints at the artist’s willingness to tread new ground, even if it feels a bit shaky at first. The striking “Holy Water” suggests an instinct for stylistic experimentation that remains latent on some of the album’s more monotonous tracks. With handclaps, tambourine shakes, and energetic backing vocals, the song references religious revival music to conjure a satanic vision of romantic obsession: “You keep me holding on / To the devil that I love in you.” Ridings possesses plenty of innate talent but, equally as important, a willingness to take risks that are necessary for creative evolution.

Inner Monologue II is filled with tales of insecurity and despair which are set against uplifting melodies, clever and witty arrangements.  The extended play opens with "17" where the singer-songwriter muses on how life and love is easier when you are at that ‘in-between’ age.  The track sets up the feel of the rest of the virtual disc. By the time you reach the end of track three, "Hurt Again," you find yourself feeling so much empathy for the voice you are hearing and the stories it tells. In "Body," the fifth track, Julia explores the warped perspective of one’s self and emotional fallout when your view clashes with that of others, especially those closer to you. It’s heart-wrenching. As the EP Steam rolls towards the closing, the tide starts to turn and you get a glimpse of the singer’s anger. With "Priest" and "Shouldn’t Have Said It" you feel the fury and ultimately the remorse. The collaboration with ROLE MODEL, "Fucked Up, Kind" is the most commercial of all the tracks with its beat and chord progression. It is perfectly placed, but Julia still doesn’t stray from the theme of her inner voice.  The lyrics are centred in self-deprecation and are defeatist in nature, which plays perfectly with the soft and understated tone of the vocals. Julia, or the character she may be embodying, has had a tough time, but those turbulent conditions and a perfect emotional storm has given birth to true musical inspiration. There is youthful angst without screaming or shouting, there is sadness without tears and there is a sorrow without bitterness.  The feel of the eight tracks is very much a reflection of the title; there is a feel that, at times, you are privileged to hear the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist. It’s not always an easy rider, but the journey is worth taking.  This is in no way your typical paint by numbers chart hit assured mix, not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s rooted in pop, but it is much more. Greyer and colder than you’d expect from the genre. Julia Michaels smashes you against her rocks with siren songs and as you slip below the surface you are submerged by the dark side of pop.

Late Night Feelings does exactly what it says on the tin, as it elicits reminiscent feelings of past affairs and heartbreaks over the course of the album. Simply lie back, dim the lights and listen alone, as a sense of longing shrouds you in a haze, and memories of lost loves lazily float to the surface. Aptly described as a collection of “sad bangers," the project is a series of lyrically heart-wrenching tunes backed with powerful beats and complex guitars, plus a touch of Mark Ronson’s infamously eclectic mix of sounds and effects. "Late Night Prelude" ripples fancifully with a menagerie of far-flung strings into title track "Late Night Feelings" with Lykke Li, the already much-loved groovy number, comprising of steel drums, pan-pipes and funky bass. "Find U Again" introduces Camila Cabello for an oozing, cheese pop number. "Pieces of Us" is a woozy tale of subtle limerence backed by distant, ethereal synths as King Princess croons, “All of my love, swing and a miss when we talk”. YEBBA brings honeyed, gospel-funk infused harmonies on "Knock Knock Knock" before launching into the wistfully soul imbued ballad "Don’t Leave Me Lonely." She continues her journey of desire and muted despair on "When U Went Away" before Alicia Keys and The Last Artful, Dodgr pack a poignant punch, trading verses on "Truth." "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" is an infectious, country-tinged track reminiscent of First Aid Kid, and melds flawlessly into the eerily upbeat "True Blue" with Angel Olsen’s indie folk hums. Whilst the album alone is a standout piece of work - and perhaps some of Ronson’s finest to date - particularly in its stunning composition, richly diverse sound and endemic melodies, what is most notable about this record is his choice to work with such a beautifully divergent range of female artists from all walks of life; this creates the project’s uniquely divine temperament. Ronson’s ability to tap into each artist’s strengths and dig out their particular prowess allows each voice to shine through and own each individual track. This is what elevates the record to a guaranteed award winner and a truly empowering listen.

Banks has always used her own pain to create art. On her debut album Goddess, the US singer laid her emotions so bare that it made for an often uncomfortable listen. Her 2016 follow-up, The Altar, explored how much of the pain Banks experienced was her own doing – a battle between self-love and self-criticism. On her third album, III, she opens with a battle cry. “Till Now” is backed by sinister, alien sounds and a dramatic drum rattle that cuts through the tension like a knife: “I let you push me around til now,” she asserts. You wonder if she’s talking about another person, or her own internal conflict.  The record frequently switches in tone: Banks can be both formidable and vulnerable, accusatory or filled with regret. “Gimme” demands sex and refuses to be shamed for it; “Contaminated” mourns a toxic relationship that can’t be saved; and “Stroke” is a bitter riposte to a man emulating the Greek figure Narcissus – laid over a funk guitar riff. Production is lush, from the rich piano and hip-hop beats on the Paul Epworth-produced “Hawaiian Maze” – a track that reminds you that Camila Cabello’s hit 2018 debut probably owes a lot to Banks – to the Latin-influence on “Alaska." For “The Fall," she emulates her former touring partner The Weeknd and enlists R&B crooner Miguel – his light, effeminate vocals intertwine with hers so they become virtually indistinguishable. III is Banks’s most cohesive album to date because she’s no longer restricting herself to exploring one feeling at a time. The way she has structured this record takes the listener through the complicated yet nuanced emotions of a woman who has recently learnt to accept everything she feels. She embraces her pain, and as a consequence is able to let it go.

Will Young gained respect by not doing predictable covers and by forging his own path with the career solidifying single "Leave Right Now" and his second album, Friday’s Child. He gained creative control and freedom by stepping away from Simon Cowell’s dated approach. After years of almost-great albums and some striking singles ("Leave Right Now," "Who Am I," "All Time Love," "You & I"), Young finally put out an album that justified his talent show survivor status with 2011’s Echoes. It was a classy mix of moody electro-pop ballads and heartfelt sophisti-pop upbeats. Teaming up with genius producer Richard X was a smart move, and it accentuated Young’s talents. After switching labels, Young returned four years later with the muddled 85% Proof — an album that felt like a backwards step, despite a few highlights and some great videos. Young is back with Richard X and some of the songwriters he worked with in the past. Lexicon shares some similarities to what made Echoes so rewarding. Recent single, "My Love," sets yhe tone with its funky wobbling bass-line, bubbling synths and infectious chorus. As before, he takes his cues from some of the greatest pop music, old and new. The spinning synths and balearic atmosphere on "Forever" is another strong single candidate. Young’s impressive falsetto on the chorus is joined by a delicious house-piano line. The subtle funk on "Ground Running" is a nice shift, with its gritty guitar-line and bouncing rhythm. Young sounds cool and confident as he sings,“trying to drag me down, trouble gonna come my way, we can hit the ground running." "Freedom" is a standout thanks to Young’s lovelorn voice — it recalls Erasure at their most naked. The chopped up vocals and sliding keyboards in the chorus are an inspired bit of futuristic pop. The rolling piano-led rhythm on the gospel influenced "Faithless Love" blends with Young’s confessional lyrics — “I sold my soul when I took the wrong road home”. Lexicon isn’t quite the revelation that Echoes was, nevertheless it’s a strong release from someone who has battled depression and anxiety to find musical passion again.

Kylie Minogue’s pop prowess is unquestionable. Back in 1987, few would have imagined the fresh-faced Neighbours star would embody the mass commercial appeal necessary to sustain a long-term career in a fickle music industry. Yet, 32 years and 14 studio albums later, Minogue is releasing a "definitive collection;" from the early SAW-drenched "I Should Be So Lucky" to the mature, country-inspired sound of more recent singles such as "Dancing," this was always going to be a gloriously joyful, if not slightly incoherent, anthology. Step Back in Time is Minogue’s 13th compilation album and by far the most comprehensive with 42 tracks. It is testament to her enduring success that there are literally no fillers and no deluge of new singles, the only one being the excellent "New York City." This truly is a compendium of pop success – a "How To Ride The Unsteady Waves of Popular Music for Dummies" if you will. Nothing symbolises Minogue’s ability to sustain and reinvent like opening number, "Can’t Get You out of My Head," the biggest selling single of her career. Released 14 years after "I Should Be So Lucky," the song continued the commercial revival that followed the wilderness years of the late 1990s, in which Minogue pursued a different, more indie-inspired sound to limited commercial success before reverting to type, complete with impossibly tight golden hot pants (we’re looking at you, "Spinning Around"). Ironically, it is precisely on tracks from the Impossible Princess era of 1997-8 that Kylie’s most intimate, reflective and critically-acclaimed work is found. It is, though, largely absent from Step Back in Time, the only exception being the outstanding "Breathe." This feels like a missed opportunity to demonstrate the Australian’s versatility; "Did It Again" sandwiched between "2 Hearts" and "Red Blooded Woman" now, that would have been pop precision with an edge. Step Back in Time has something for everyone. This, combined with the sheer volume of Minogue’s 32-year repertoire inevitably makes any compilation album somewhat incongruous. It’s best not to overthink or overanalyse what is essentially a joyous retrospective of some expertly crafted pop creations.

With his butter-smooth two-octave vocal range, megawatt smile, and candid, sincere commitment to portraying millennial love—replete with boozy Uber rides and text-message mind games—Khalid has swiftly become a pop fixture, carving out a place on the Billboard charts. But there’s a sense of guardedness, an almost antiseptic quality, to the 21-year-old singer’s produced-to-perfection R&B. And on his sophomore effort, Free Spirit, he can’t seem to shake that predilection for playing it safe, despite the album’s calls to lose our inhibitions and be free. Whereas his 2016 debut, American Teen, played like the soundtrack to teenage romance and misadventure, Free Spirit sees Khalid embracing more mature self-inquiry, albeit to hackneyed effect, as he does on “Self”: “I’ve ran away for miles, it’s gettin’ hard for me to breathe/‘Cause the man that I’ve been runnin’ from is inside of me.” And no less inspired are lyrics like “So if you’re gonna love me/You gotta love all of me” (from “Bad Luck”) and “Life is never easy when you need it to be/Try to knock me down, but I get back on my feet” (from “Hundred”). Free Spirit brims with potential radio hits, like the broody, laidback “My Bad.” The Disclosure-produced lead single, “Talk,” is bright and electric, with a galaxy of heavily textured synths underpinning the track’s buoyant chorus, in which Khalid shows off his seemingly effortless falsetto. Multiple tracks, however, feature the same reverb-drenched guitar and airy synths, sucked dry of vitality by too-pristine production. For a burgeoning artist still establishing his signature style, Khalid settles into a surprising complacency here, failing to experiment with the template of his debut. Perhaps it’s because, at 21, his journey is just beginning. But with all of the lyrical platitudes that abound on the album, the cover art of which depicts the artist overlooking a desert from the top of a dusty van, Khalid’s coming-of-age odyssey feels more like an American Eagle ad than a documentation of an authentic transformational experience.

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