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This girl has become my uncertified therapy dog, through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Luna girl, and no one can ever take her place, but after recently finding out that Den suffers from deafness, I sort of felt a little crushed and definitely began to give her a little more TLC and extra attention. Mainly bc I knew that vocal connection will never be shared between the two of us. Just knowing she grew up not being able to hear the sound of my voice or just life’s many sounds definitely took a toll on Toya and I...She was often sciddish and hesitant to strangers, and her bark would scare off those who were unaware that she honestly just couldn’t hear herself. She would never bark unless she saw Luna physically doing so and even in play, she has never carried on with other dogs just as they do. But in time as she got older, I noticed her pick up more on social cues, hand gestures, and even facial expressions. She has always been a very inquisitive girl, but once she reached age 2, she became my Velcro dog. She reads my emotions effortlessly, sometimes better then I can. She is there when I need her the most....and bc she cannot hear, I am certain her other senses are heightened to a degree. She is so smart and sweet, she never leaves my side. She has a crazy personality and many social differences compared to Luna, but that is what makes her so special to Toya and I. We love our sweet smiling and happy girl. 💕 Our connection is one of a kind, and I wouldn’t trade that for a million aussie pups haha 🥰

One year ago today I was vaccinating a litter of puppies and only one was left to be sold. I guess I have @_hldodd to thank for shoving her in my arms and saying “omg you have to get her leah”. So that evening leaving work Zara came home with me. Never in a million years would I have thought I could love someone so much. She is truly my best friend, and she has helped me get through so much I probably wouldn’t have made it through without her. She definitely is the only reason I’m in radiology school and still somewhat sane. Lol happy official 1 year Zar. #october28isthebestday  #itsalsonationaliloveyoudaysowinwin 

And here is where this cutie sits 90% of the time. Right on top of me, and isn't shy at all about breathing his hot newf breath all over me. He will sit, stare, and happily drool on and around you, for hours. If you're lucky, he might even cough a few pieces of his food up onto you... 😂 he is a velcro newf by definition. Molly and him couldnt be more opposite! Who else has a Velcro newf/dog?